Stretch Your Postage Budget

Using our advanced mail presort systems, your mail will be presorted and barcoded according to zip code. We then combine all of our presorted mail into one delivery, this volume gets our customers the largest possible discount. In addition to the obvious savings on postage using our service has these additional benefits:

  • Stretching Your Postage BudgetNo start-up costs
  • Immediate savings on postage
  • Improved mail service
  • Reduces processing time

Why Commingle?

Partnering with Capitol Presort is a great way for companies to maximize postal discounts while improving their mail delivery.

Using the same technology used by the United States Postal Service, the equipment is capable of reading, barcoding and sorting the mail at a high rate of speed. By combining all of our customer’s mail together into one mail stream, we have a better opportunity of reaching the maximum discounts offered by the USPS.

Capitol Presort will prepare the mail by traying, sleeving, labeling and strapping the mail for entry into the USPS systems. By eliminating the number of times the mail is handled by the USPS, this will ultimately help expedite the mail through the system.

Savings Updated To Reflect 7/10/22 Increases

Not Over
Automation Non-Automation
AADC Mixed AADC Presorted Full Rate
1 – 3 oz. $0.455 $0.491 $0.515 $0.526 $0.57
1 – 3 oz. $0.115 $0.079 $0.055 $0.044 $0.000




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